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Carlos Wallace
Author | Professor | Organizer | Philanthropist
About "Life Is Not Complicated, You Are"

Most of us (safe to say) have experienced some degree of loss.  Loved ones may have passed away, friendships
severed, relationships ended.   Many have been betrayed, disappointed and frustrated with their lot in life.  
Ultimately, we deal, we live and hopefully we mature from our experiences.  For some, constant travails harden
their heart.  For others tough breaks remind them to appreciate each day.

During my most onerous moments, I reached back to an erstwhile time when I was surrounded by love and
wisdom.  The principles my parents and grandparents taught me have been my chief lifeline; cardinal rules on
which I base my decisions.  When I recall the hardships they endured and survived I am encouraged to
persevere.  Choices that seem so complicated and unmanageable pale in compression to their harrowing
experiences.  This comprehension helped impart a valuable perspective.

Once I peeled back the layers of my past and understood how influential personal history can be I wanted to share
this knowledge with others battling their own challenges.  Some of us do not understand how to break through the
walls closing in on and holding us back.  Answers are hidden however, they are not out of reach.  Solutions to
your problems can be found in lessons you have learned until now.   These lessons are a guild you can use on
your journey through life's peaks and valleys.  Lessons can become your personal GPS.

Remember, Life is not all that complicated.  People on the other hand tend to make living quite complex.  Simplify
things.  Tap into your GPS.  It may be one day at a time, one hour at a time or moment by moment.  However long
it takes to get to where you need to be emotionally, mentally, physically or all of the above, as long as you take
that all important first step you are a lot further along than if you did nothing at all.