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Carlos Wallace is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and youth advocate.  

Carlos has written two books that have earned the businessman turned social activist national acclaim. “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are: Turning Your Biggest Disappointments into Your Greatest Blessings” is currently an integral part of the Psychology curriculum at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas. His second work, “The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S: Train Your Mind to Enjoy Serenity” is the inspiration behind an award-winning television program of the same name. Both books are hailed as guides to living with purpose and gratitude. Professors and victim’s advocates use the books as examples in overcoming adversity to achieve personal and professional success.  

Carlos is often called upon to speak at middle schools, high schools and colleges in Texas, New York, Atlanta, and Florida. He recently developed and moderates a proprietary mentorship and leadership program for New York City’s York College (Part of City University of New York public university system) entitled “The Life Is Not Complicated, You Are: Transfer of Power” speaking series. 

Thanks to his decades-long career as a fifth-generation railroader and his experience as a graduate of the National Labor College, Carlos is an expert in labor relations, mediation and contract negotiations. An alum of Union Pacific’s elite Brakeman/Conductor and Engineer schools, he is often called upon as a consultant during high profile hearings involving railroad employees facing disciplinary action. The International Organizer, one of few African Americans to hold that position, also helped run several political campaigns including those of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack H. Obama. 

A luminary among his peers, Carlos was tapped to be part of Google’s exclusive “Next Gen” think tank. He joins a group of policy leaders at the forefront of technology and racial justice, and who have distinguished themselves in business, public service, content creation, education and activism.  

Wallace is President and CEO of entertainment and philanthropy company, Sol-Caritas. Under the leadership of the successful businessman, Sol has produced a series of multi-city tours and events featuring stand-up comics and entertainers from Houston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles. The company has donated generously to over 100 non-profit local and internationally recognized charities, including Covenant House, the American Diabetes Association, Haiti Relief, the American Cancer Society, and Lupus Foundation of America.  

The proud husband and father divides his time between homes in Houston and New York. He is married to award winning journalist, television anchor and children’s book writer, Liz Faublas.  
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Hosted by award-winning journalist Liz Faublas, The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S: Count Your Blessings is an in-depth look at the lives of ordinary men and women who have accomplished extraordinary things. Guests share deeply personal experiences of tragedy and redemption about topics including overcoming the death of loved ones, battling illness, and recovering from financial ruin. The program, inspired by the book, "The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S: Train Your Mind To Enjoy Serenity", written by bestselling author Carlos Wallace, explores how the driving power of faith, gratitude and positive thinking proves stronger than life's greatest challenges. Do you focus on the one time things went wrong, or the 99 times life works in your favor? The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S: Count Your Blessings reveals just how far appreciating the good in your life can take you.

A Battle vs A War:
by Carlos Wallace

After a successful launch at Lone Star College-University Park, Carlos Wallace's groundbreaking motivational narratives are now required viewing in colleges, universities and youth programs across the country. Wallace, in collaboration with Charles Andrews, head of film and photography company SolCaritasTV, created one of kind video anecdotes students can relate to. Guided by Andrews' professional experience and expertise, the pair produced powerfully narrated personal stories that depict courage, perseverance, faith and redemption in the face of great adversity. Viewers embark on a deeply emotional journey that inspires introspection, acceptance and a desire to change the way one thinks about life's difficulties. Prepare to be drawn into a world where critics, naysayers and pessimists are a thing of the past as Wallace explains how to turn negativity into a powerful weapon.

Carlos Wallace's introductory narrative "A Battle vs. A War" recounts the chilling true story of his experience with betrayal, hatred and racism. One fateful evening, he discovered that sometimes the people you believe are close friends are really your biggest enemies. "The course of my life almost changed completely that night. Everything I had worked for, my family had worked for... I almost threw away because of a bad decision." 

Feedback from Lone Star College Students:

"One of the most relatable lectures I've heard since I started college."

"Had an amazing speaker today in my philosophy class. Everyone should get his book 'Life Is Not Complicated, You Are'!"

"Usually when people start talking about God, I get turned off, but Mr. Wallace made me want to listen; I was really interested in his point of view!"

"I was having such a hard time dealing with my problems. I even thought about killing myself. But the way you talked to us, like we all mattered. Thank you for making me realize my life is important."

Most of us (safe to say) have experienced some degree of loss. Loved ones may have passed away, friendships severed, relationships ended. Many have been betrayed, disappointed and frustrated with their lot in life. Ultimately, we deal, we live and hopefully we mature from our experiences. For some, constant travails harden their heart. For others tough breaks remind them to appreciate each day.

During my most onerous moments, I reached back to an erstwhile time when I was surrounded by love and wisdom. The principles my parents and grandparents taught me have been my chief lifeline; cardinal rules on which I base my decisions. When I recall the hardships they endured and survived I am encouraged to persevere. Choices that seem so complicated and unmanageable pale in comparison to their harrowing experiences. This comprehension helped impart valuable perspective. Once I peeled back the layers of my past and understood how influential personal history can be I wanted to share this knowledge with others battling their own challenges. Some of us do not understand how to break through the walls closing in on and holding us back.  Answers are hidden however, they are not out of reach. Solutions to your problems can be found in lessons you have learned until now. These lessons are a guide you can use on your journey through life’s peaks and valleys. Lessons can become your personal GPS.

Remember, life is not all that complicated. People on the other hand tend to make living quite complex. Simplify things. Tap into your GPS. It may be one day at a time, one hour at a time or moment by moment. However long it takes to get to where you need to be emotionally, mentally, physically or all of the above, as long as you take that all important first step you are a lot further along than if you did nothing at all.

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Choose from the large selection of latest pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, content slider, responsive image gallery with lightbox, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, hamburger menu, sticky header and more.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that in order to achieve contentment, one should "cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously." Researchers have found that the act of counting one’s blessings actually helps strengthen relationships, in all forms. In “The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S” the undervalued concept of gratitude is the critical theme which defines the groundbreaking sophomore narrative by Carlos Wallace, author of the bestseller “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are.” This may all be an enigmatic concept for some to grasp; the realization that although you have hit some rough patches that should never negate moments that a kind word, a caring act, an instance of forgiveness or the rewarding feeling of knowing you worked hard to achieve a goal satisfied you and made you happy.

This book will teach you to appreciate the good in your life and encourage you to maintain a positive attitude despite the negativity that surrounds you. To appreciate circumstances that help you evolve not because you are impervious to hurt and disappointment, but because you are accepting of joy. The book, much like “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are” is an odyssey into recesses of your psyche that you may not have fully tapped into. At the end of the journey, prepare to view life through a completely different lens. Prepare to appreciate and value “The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S”..

Consciously Tapped In Podcast

Welcome to Consciously Tapped In, where dialogue amongst others can create open-mindedness, insight, healing, and laughter. 

Just Me - I Am Good Enough!

Welcome to Just Me - I Am Good Enough, where amazing things happen. This podcast was created to inspire, connect and share positive, motivating words of encouragement. 

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The Author & Anchor Podcast

The Author (Carlos Wallace) and the Anchor (Liz Faublas) have discovered that they are much more effective and empowering as a team. The pair combine years of experience in media, production, writing/authorship, public speaking, and philanthropy to enlighten, lead and support their community. Both do so with the understanding that this charge comes with great responsibility, and each humbly admits they cannot make a marked difference without the support of others. Through this podcast, the Author and the Anchor endeavor to change lives for the better. 

Life Not Complicated, You Are:

This podcast, produced by Charles Andrews and inspired by the bestselling book, "Life Is Not Complicated, You Are: Turning Your Biggest Disappointments Into Your Greatest Blessings", is a platform designed to discuss relevant issues and controversial ideas that are prevalent in today’s society. The in-depth interviews are conducted by best-selling author Carlos Wallace.  

If Emmett was Alive Today

The story of Emmett Till is one that bring upon us a ton of emotion but challenges the criminal justice system. The saddening thing of his story is that is not uncommon. “If Emmett was Alive Today” Podcast, produced by Carlos Wallace and Alexandria Jack, was created to challenge the mind in various criminal justice topics. Hosted by Daphine Jack, a 12 year veteran parole officer, criminal justice expert, author of “The Other Side of the Story" and founder of Prevention Zone Inc, she creates an environment for her guest to openly share their stories. Our goal is to not only inform but to bring about CHANGE!

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Now is my time. The only opportunity I have to fulfill my deepest ambition, which is to make a profound difference in this world. Every day that I am blessed with the gifts of good health and presence of mind, I set forth with a solid purpose: to effect positive change through my words and actions. My existence is guided by a combination of structure, focus and pure passion for everything I do.


Life Is Not Complicated


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