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Author - Sumiko Hamilton
I'm Normal too: Josh and his Voice Output Device
Josh only wanted to be normal. He didn't want his classmates to laugh, or stare at
him because he used a voice output device or was unable to talk. What would it
take for them to understand that he was NORMAL just like them. Little did Josh
know, this school year would be totally different than the others
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Author - Deric Muhammad
A.S.A.P. - A Street Activist's Perspective
"A.S.A.P." is an acronym for "A Street Activist's Perspective" used by Activist
Deric Muhammad to describe the insight he uses to address the issues of
oppressed communities. In this critically acclaimed work he addresses issues
like Gang Intervention, Teen Lesbianism, Black Male Development, Single
Motherhood, Politics, and other topics with "jaw-dropping straightforwardness."
Muhammad gives the reader an activist's view from the front-lines unlike the
public has seen in a long time. more here
Author - J.A. Faulkerson
When Mississippi Senator Kyle Shuler announces his bid to unseat presidential incumbent
Herbert Newsom, America's first, black president, Washington Post political reporter Jonathan
Fraiser is miffed. He knows Senator Shuler's dirty, little secret - that he and two of his friends
murdered an elderly, black woman as teenagers. But Jonathan isn't the only person disturbed
by Shuler's announcement. His longtime friend Selina Giles, an FBI agent, was eleven years
old when Shuler slit her grandmother's throat. Now, Jonathan and Selina must join forces as
Adinkrahene agents to prevent a Jim Crow criminal from becoming the leader of the free world.
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Author - Carlos Wallace
Life Is Not Complicated, You Are
Every person on the planet has experienced loss; that’s a brutal fact of life. But in
these darkest times, we are presented with much more that just grief; we are
given the opportunity to learn, heal, and grow. When you reach a place where you
can view setbacks as reminders to appreciate the good things in your life, you
have taken the first step to owning your destiny as a happier, more joyful, and
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Author - Raquel N. Segura
Window To My Soul...The Truth
Window To My Soul embodies freedom of expression, freedom of feel. It takes
the readers to that special moment or time and makes you close your eyes and
envision each touch, each hurt. A vivid detail of heartache, sex, pain, life, love,
and happiness. Raquel N. Segura lets all guards down and she allows the readers
to feel her, get to know her, see her reality.  She writes of fiction and make
believe.  I write from the soul and how my heart bleeds of all truths.  That I've
been through, How I long for your touch, How much I love you.   
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Author - Kathy N.L.
Word of Mouth: A Poetry Compilation
A poetic approach to self assessment through real, raw and relevant descriptions
of love, pain, growth and forgiveness. That encourages the reader to look within
for strength and gain understanding of experiences that ultimately identify
passion and purpose.  
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Carlos Wallace
Author | Professor | Organizer | Philanthropist